Wool Carpet Care

A wool carpet will shed fibres for a few weeks after installation. This is a sign of good quality carpet. The shedding of fibres will cease with regular vacuuming and normal usage.

A properly maintained carpet will extend its life, enhance its appearance and the atmosphere of a room, which will in return, protect your investment made purchasing a wool carpet.

Wool carpets are surprisingly easy to maintain due to its unique and complex fibre structure, it can release dirt up to 25% more readily than manmade carpets and its natural resistance allows liquid spillages to stay on top of the pile longer, giving you more time to act to cleaning it up.

A good quality door mat will reduce the amount of dirt brought in to the home, removing footwear at the door will too.

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Wool carpets can be vacuumed as soon as they are laid and it is recommended that it is vacuumed regularly 2-3 times a week. Different carpet piles required different methods of vacuuming to enhance or protect the pile.

It is recommended that twist pile carpets including velvet piles are vacuumed with an upright clear with a beater bar or brush to lift the pile. They can also be vacuumed with a cylinder vacuum with a similar attachment. Vacuum against the pile, to release the dirt, then with the pile to give it a more uniform finish.

Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed with a suction only head, as a beater bar or brush should not be used as it can catch and lift the fibres, which will eventually give the carpet a ‘bobbling’ affect.

Not all dirt is surface dirt, homes that have floorboards can produce dirt and particles from beneath the floorboards, installing paper pad felt under the underlay will help to reduce these particles surfacing through the carpet.

Cleaning Your Carpet

London Carpets recommends that your carpet is cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company, once or twice a year, as they will be insured. Also Manufacturer's guarantees may be void, if the cleaning is not carried out by one of their recommended cleaning companies.

However, if you wish to take on the cleaning yourself, bearing in mind that it will render manufacturer's guarantee void, we would advise using a good quality carpet cleaner. Most upright wet cleaners have a beater bar/brush, which are not suitable for loop pile carpets. Many hire shops have cylinder cleaners that have a wide head which do not have a beater bar/brush and purely sprays water and detergent on to the carpet, which is then extracted with plain suction to extract the dirt from the carpet. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and keeping the follow in mind:

  • Vacuum the carpet to lift the fibres and to remove dust and debris, prior to cleaning.
  • Do not over wet the carpet, as it will distort the pile.
  • Do follow shampoo/cleaner instructions, as using too much can leave carpets sticky and soapy, which will actually attract more dirt. Remember not all shampoos are suitable for wool carpets.
  • Cleaning carpets will remove any manufacturer’s treatments, i.e. moth proofing and anti- stain, which will render any of their warranties void.

Spot Cleaning & Stain Removal

It is recommended that any spillages are cleaned up straightaway before the carpet is been able to absorb it and definitely before it has had time to dry. However, there are times when a spillage has been allowed to dry, However, there are times when spillages have been allowed to dry so we have put together a comprehensive list of common spillages.

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