Terms & Conditions

London Carpets is committed to provide a high quality, efficient service from beginning to end. We have therefore set out below our terms and conditions to assure that we remain true to our word.


The following attributes will be used in our term and conditions to define each party in agreement to these terms and conditions.

We, Us, Our, Ourselves - London Carpets

Service/Services – Refers to the services we offer and have been asked to carry out.

Floor Coverings – This will cover all flooring coverings we supply, whether it is, carpet, vinyl, laminate, LVT or commercial flooring.

Materials – Include floor coverings and any accessories used, i.e. door thresholds, gripper, underlay, adhesives etc.

Customer – The person, company or organisation that has asked London Carpets to carry out the works, whether it is for themselves or on behalf of their organisation.

Fitter – This will be a person either employed by London Carpets or a self-employed sub-contractor who has worked for us for many years.

These terms and conditions are a binding contract between the customer and ourselves and will apply to all works carried out by ourselves, unless previously agreed in writing, prior to the commencement of works. If such agreement is not stipulated by the customer, prior to the commencement of works, the terms and conditions stated herewith, shall override any intervention by the customer.

By placing an order with us, whether it is by telephone, email, online or in person, the customer is in agreement with these terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions are available from us in writing or via our website.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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Course Of Action

We will visit the property to measure the required areas, we are able to supply and sample service, however the samples will be limited, due to the amount of samples available in store. Our website shows all the samples we carry, however we do not guarantee that the image shown on our website is a true depiction, as different devices show difference hues, due to screen resolution etc. Therefore we cannot be held responsible, if purchases made from online images, do not adhere to the customer’s expectations.

Once we have measured, we will supply a written estimate, if required, either by email or post or we may give a verbal estimate via telephone. The price given by us, will be the total price payable for the contract, unless the customer requests extra services, which will be agreed by us and the customer and added as an extra. We will not add extra costs mid-contract, however if conditions were not foreseeable, i.e. the condition of the sub-floor, once old flooring has been uplifted, it will be discussed and any extra costs will be agreed with the customer before continuing. Our final price will include all accessories required for the installation, which will be itemised in our estimate.

On acceptance of our estimate, we will require a 50% deposit, prior to the order of materials. This deposit is non-refundable, if the order has been placed with our suppliers and they have cut the materials to size. Any cancellations prior to our suppliers cutting materials to size will be refunded.

Once materials are ordered and we are given a delivery date for the materials to be delivered to us, we will make an appointment to visit the customers property to install the flooring. The appointment will be either for the morning or the afternoon and we will give an hour to two hour time slot for our fitter to arrive.

If the customer needs to change the appointment date, we will require 48 hours notice, otherwise we may impose a cancellation charge.

Upon completion, the balance is payable either to the fitter or we will send an invoice via email or post for the balance, our terms for payment are 14 days from date of invoice. We reserve to right to add interest to any balances owed after the 14 days.

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On The Day Of Installation

Furniture – If we have agreed a cost for the removing and replacing of furniture in our estimate, this means we have agreed to move heavy items, i.e. sofas, beds and wardrobes. We require that wardrobes, cabinets and chest of drawers etc. are emptied of all contents and stored in a different room, whilst the flooring installation is being carried out. We also require the room to be free of personal effects, i.e. ornaments and clothes. Electrical equipment, for instance, computers, televisions and stereo equipment are to be unplugged and moved to a different room, if possible. We will not be held responsible for damage to personal effects or electrical equipment, if they have not been stored as requested.

However, if we are expected to move more than the estimated furniture, we have the right to charge a fee for this, this also applies, if we have not estimated for the moving of furniture and upon arrival we are asked to.

Where we have provided a price for the moving of furniture in the kitchen area, this includes the moving of appliances, however we are not expected to disconnect appliances, such as washing machines, cooker and dishwashers. If the customer wishes the appliances to be disconnected prior to installation, then we would ask if it is carried out by a professional prior to the installation and re-connected by a professional, once the installation has been completed. We must stress that if appliances are moved by anyone other than our fitters, and are dragged across the newly installed flooring, causing damage, we will not be liable for the damage.

Old Flooring – If we have estimated to remove and dispose of the customer’s old flooring, we will take up the customer’s old flooring and disposal of it. If we have not estimated for the uplift and disposal of old flooring and upon arrival at the property we are faced with the uplift and disposal of old flooring, we have the right to administer a charge for this service. Our disposal charges do not include the removal of other tradesman waste.

Sub-Floors – Upon the removal of old flooring, the sub-floor may need attention. At the time of the measure, we will endeavour to inform the customer, if possible, of the condition of the sub-floor and will include a cost to rectify the sub-floor in our estimate. However, we cannot guarantee that the procedure carried out, will make the sub-floor entirely even or level, which in turn, may cause imperfections in the newly installed flooring. We would therefore suggest that the sub-floor is prepared by a professional tradesman, if the sub-floor has not been prepared by a professional tradesman, we will not liable for any imperfections to the floor coverings installed and we do not secure or replace floorboards.

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Customers have the right to re-use their existing underlay, however we strongly advise to replace underlay that is older than five years, if the customer’s existing underlay is re-used, we cannot be held responsible for abnormal flattening of pile and faster wear.

We will also not be liable for damage to pipes, alarm, internet or TV cables that run under sub-floors, along skirting boards and under carpets, unless we are notified in writing, where they are positioned prior to installation.

We do not treat carpets with stain resistance solutions or moth proofing as carpets are already treated by the manufacturers. However, daily wear and tear will reduce the protection of the carpet, heavy traffic areas will reduce more, we cannot guarantee that these treatments will last and we are not liable if they do not.

Other General Terms & Conditions

We cannot guarantee that the colour / shade of the carpet installed is an identical match to the sample we have on display, due to batch dying, we can also not guarantee that there is colour match between 4M rolls and 5M rolls and we will make the customer aware of this prior to order.

Transporting and storing carpets can cause the pile to be slightly crushed and cause shading across the carpet, however this should disappear as the carpet settles and with regular vacuuming. Newly installed carpets will shred excess fibres, this will eventually cease due to regular vacuuming and use. Carpets are soft products and will eventually flatten in high traffic areas, causing the carpet to look a different shade. This normal and is not a fault in the carpet and does not affect its durability. Sunlight can also affect the colour and shade of flooring coverings and areas exposed to sunlight for long periods of time may fade.

Gripper pins may be felt through the carpet close to the skirting boards and on stairs, our fitter will flatten them down if asked, however if may affect the fixing of the carpet and render the gripper non-reusable.

If carpet is fitted to stairs as a runner, the underlay may be visible and there may be a void between the carpet and the step. This is not a fitting fault. If striped or patterned carpet is fitted to stairs, the stairs may run out and the stripe or pattern may not line up properly, especially on stairs with winders. This also may happen in rooms where the walls run out.

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Our fitters will endeavour to install flooring with the upmost care to the customer’s property, during the fitting process, paintwork may be scuffed or marked, we will not be held liable for scuffs and marks. Newly decorated walls and skirting boards are especially vulnerable as the paint takes time to harden, we would advise not to install carpet for a while after decorating.

Furniture overtime will leave indentations in vinyl and manmade twist pile carpets, dragging furniture and appliances across vinyl and laminate wood flooring will cause scratches, we suggest lifting furniture rather than dragging to avoid such damage.

We strongly recommend customers do not buy loop pile carpets if they have pets, as their claws can get caught in the loops and it may cause the carpet to unravel, we will not be held responsible for damage to newly installed flooring caused by pets.

We will also not be liable for the following:

Existing damage to customer’s property. Any furniture that is to be moved by our fitters will be checked prior to moving for any existing damage, if it is found that there is damage, our fitter will inform the customer and take a photo of the damage as proof.

Delay to the installation of carpet that is due to circumstances outside our control, i.e such as delayed delivery to ourselves and fitters illness. If the fitter has called in ill, we will contact the customer as soon as possible to re-arrange the appointment, we may also try and arrange for a different fitter to attend, if possible.

Contracts that have not been completed in the time stated or to a high standard, because of other tradesmen on site at the time of installation.

Complaints Procedure

Our flooring installation is guaranteed for six months, but we do not guarantee the floor covering. However some manufacturers offer a guarantee on their products. If for any reason the customer is not happy with the floor covering, we can submit a complaint form to the manufacturer, who may ask for an independent inspector to visit the property to carry out a full report. If it is deemed that there is a manufacturing fault and they agree to replace the carpet, we will refit the carpet, free of charge.

Any works and materials required due to rectify the installation of the flooring, will be carried out by us, free of charge, as long as the complaint is received by us within six months of the installation.

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