Sisals, seagrass and jute are natural fibres from plants, which makes them one of the most durable carpets available. The fibres are woven together which makes it tough and strong. They are available in many weave patterns and natural colours, to give variety.

As these carpets are made from plants, it is non-toxic , which is good for people with allergies and asthma, and its biodegradable. It also resists static and is not very flammable.

Sisals, seagrass and jutes also have a few downfalls, as they are so absorbent, they are prone to staining and unfortunately cannot be steam cleaned or shampooed. They also can become slippery with wear and use on stairs, should be avoided.

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  • fibre

    100% seagrass

  • backing

    natural latex

  • width

    4 width only

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      Dining Room

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      moth resistant

  • icon

      hall, stairs & landings

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      heavy domestic

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