Manmade Carpet Care

Manmade carpets are made from 100% polypropylene, which is non-absorbent. It is dyed during the manufacturing process, which makes the colours permanent.

It is durable, relatively easy to clean and is resilient against staining.

A polypropylene carpet should last a good 5-7 years, regular maintenence and care can extend the carpets life expectancy by up to an additional 5 years.

A good quality door mat will reduce the amount of dirt brought in to the home, removing footwear at the door will too.

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Manmade carpets usually shed fibres within the first couple of weeks from being installed. The fibres work their way to the top of the carpet and settle as fuzz, although is it unsightly, it is completely normal.

Using a vacuum with a powerful suction will remove these fibres, as well as other dust and dirt that can get caught between the fibres. It is recommended that during the first couple of weeks after the installation, that it is vacuumed on a daily basis, then vacuuming can be reduced to as little as once a week.

High traffic areas, such as hall, stairs and landings, may suffer 'pile crush'. This is where the fibres flatten from constantly being walked on and is more likely to happen to twist piles. Vacuum these areas two to three times a week to release the dirt and lift the fibres.

Cleaning Your Carpet

As with all flooring, London Carpets recommends that cleaning should be carried out by a professional cleaning company.

Polypropylene is non-absorbent which means that most water-based stains just sit on the fibres and are potentially easy to clean, however oil-based stains are harder to remove due to the fibre's natural attraction to oil.

Manmade carpets can be steamed cleaned. The benefits of steam cleaning are that it can release deep down dirt and the heat can kill bacteria. It is recommended that steam cleaning is carried out every few months, as it will improve the condition of the carpet. It is also advisable to steam clean prior to a deep clean with an extraction cleaner, as it will help to lift the fibres and loosen deep down dirt.

Spot Cleaning & Stain Removal

Most polypropylene carpets are bleach cleanable, this is due to its unique manufacturing process. The carpet fibres are dyed during manufacturing. As a result of the manufacturing process, the fibres become non-absorbent, making the dyed permanent, which in turn does not allow water-based solutions to penetrate the fibres.

However, it is not advisable to allow stains to dry as darker colours may cause staining. We have put together a comprehensive guide for removing stains and spillages.

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