Why A Manmade Carpet

Manmade carpets are made from 100% synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene and nylon. They are available in loop pile and twist pile and are less expensive than wool carpets. Some qualities are available with a felt backing, so they do not required underlay. Loop piles are hardwearing and perfect for installing to high traffic areas of your home, like stairs and landings. There are many twist pile variants which include cut-pile, heather carpets, which are suitable of all the rooms in your home and Saxony carpets for that more luxurious feel, perfect for bedrooms.

They are stain resistant as due to the fibre construction, it does not absorb the stain and they can be cleaned with most carpet cleaning solutions, which makes them a good choice for a home with children and pets. The majority of manmade carpets are cleanable with a watered down bleach solution, as during the dying process, the colours are sealed into the fibre, they also will not fade.

Manmade carpets are available in many colours, from the popular grey and beige through to bright blues, greens and reds, there’s something to suit everyone’s personality.

Polypropylene carpets are good value for money and with regular vacuuming, will last a good few years.

As with wool carpets, manmade also have their disadvantages, twist piles are not as hard wearing as loop piles in high traffic areas i.e. stairs, as the pile is prone to pile crush. They are also not fire-resistant as the fibres melt easily and can burn.

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Manmade Twist Pile

Made from 100% synthetic fibres twisted together, Manmade twists are hard wearing. They are available in cut piles, heather effect and for a luxurious pile, saxony's.  Some qualitites are available in a felt backing, so underlay is not required.


Manmade Loop Pile

Made from 100% synthetic fibres, looped to make a hard wearing carpet for all areas, especially good for hall, stairs and landings. Some qualities are available in a felt backing, so underlay is not required.