All our laminate flooring is made from high density fibreboard in thicknesses of 7mm – 12mm and carries a manufacturer’s wear guarantee of between 10-25 years, depending on the range.

Made up of planks that click together, there is no need for adhesive. Laminate flooring is a durable floor covering that comes with AC ratings, which defines strength and durability.

It is also able to withstand foot traffic due to it scratch resistant wear layer. It is suitable for all areas of the home, bearing in mind, that the use in kitchens and bathrooms should an AC4 or AC5 rating, as these tend to be more water-resistant, however they are NOT water-proof.

There are many wood finishes available from modern greys and whites to rustic oaks, making it a suitable choice for all aspects of décor, which finished with matching accessories, will be a beautiful floor for many years.

Downfalls of laminate flooring include, that it is likely to be chipped or damaged, if anything heavy is dropped on to it. If it gets too wet, moisture can seep between the planks, which will cause the high density fibreboard to swell, which may cause the planks to fracture or bow, even with an AC4 or AC5 rating. Also it cannot be sanded down and refinished and not as quiet as carpet and may cause noise nuisance to neighbours.

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