A 100% polypropylene loop, available in 4M width only.

Suitability - Heavy Domestic. Requires underlay.

  • Calm Slim

    Calm Slim

  • Calm Wide

    Calm Wide

  • Covet Slim

    Covet Slim

  • Covet Wide

    Covet Wide

  • Drama Wide

    Drama Wide

  • Drama Wide

    Drama Wide

  • Dream Slim

    Dream Slim

  • Dream Wide

    Dream Wide

  • Joy Slim

    Joy Slim

  • Joy Wide

    Joy Wide

  • Retro Slim

    Retro Slim

  • Retro Wide

    Retro Wide

  • Style Slim

    Style Slim

  • Style Wide

    Style Wide

  • Touch Slim

    Touch Slim

  • Touch Wide

    Touch Wide

Colours on digitalised images may slightly differ to that of actual product.

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