A 100% wool natural weave, available in 4M and 5M widths.

Suitability - Heavy Domestic. Requires underlay.

  • Brussels Barley

    Brussels Barley

  • Brussels Flint

    Brussels Flint

  • Brussels Kashmir Beige"

    Brussels Kashmir Beige

  • Brussels Oak

    Brussels Oak

  • Brussels Sahara

    Brussels Caramel

  • Brussels Cloud

    Brussels Cloud

  • Brussels Sand

    Brussels Sand

  • Brussels Stone

    Brussels Stone

  • Ripple Barley

    Ripple Barley

  • Ripple Flint

    Ripple Flint

  • Ripple Kashmir Beige

    Ripple Kashmir Beige

  • Ripple Oak

    Ripple Oak

  • Ripple Caramel

    Ripple Caramel

  • Ripple Cloud

    Ripple Cloud

  • Ripple Sand

    Ripple Sand

  • Ripple Stone

    Ripple Stone

Colours on digitalised images may slightly differ to that of actual product.

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