Flatweave Classics

A 10% wool 90% polypropylene Flatweave Classics,

available in 4M and 5M widths (* in 4M only).

Suitability - Heavy Domestic. Requires underlay.

  • Big Boucle Bath Stone

    Big Boucle Bath Stone

  • Big Boucle Down

    Big Boucle Down

  • Big Boucle Greige

    Big Boucle Greige

  • Big Boucle Inox

    Big Boucle Inox

  • Big Boucle Mortar

    Big Boucle Mortar

  • Big Boucle%nbsp;Pebble

    Big Boucle Pebble

  • Herringbone Arbour

    Herringbone Arbour

  • Herringbone Chalk

    Herringbone Chalk

  • Herringbone Dapple

    Herringbone Dapple

  • Herringbone Lunar

    Herringbone Lunar

  • Herringbone Peat

    Herringbone Peat

  • Herringbone Witching

    Herringbone Witching

  • Panama Anchor

    Panama Anchor *

  • Panama Biscotti

    Panama Biscotti *

  • Panama Hazelnut

    Panama Hazelnut *

  • Panama Latte

    Panama Latte *

  • Panama Saddle

    Panama Saddle *

  • Panama Shadow

    Panama Shadow *

  • Small Boucle Bracken

    Small Boucle Bracken

  • Small Boucle Cable

    Small Boucle Cable

  • Small Boucle Limestone

    Small Boucle Limestone

  • Small Boucle Ochre

    Small Boucle Ochre

  • Small Boucle Pearl

    Small Boucle Pearl

  • Small Boucle Scree

    Small Boucle Scree

Colours on digitalised images may slightly differ to that of actual product.

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